Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How to record changes from a single cell to a table in Excel

I recently needed to find information on how to record the current output from a single cell to a new cell in a table in MS Excel. To clarify: I wanted to record the current value in A1 to a column starting with say C1, then have the value of A1 update (iterative calculation) and drop the value into C2 and so on for as many iterations as I want. There are a few solutions out there but almost all of them require VBA and I wanted a formula solution. After much research I came across this post: http://exceluser.com/excel_help/questions/timetrack.htm. The formula solution here works well so I thought I would share it in the hopes of making it easier to find for anyone else who needs it.

Armed with this formula, I was able to create an equities trading simulator which runs any particular strategy you wish to test, and compiles the results of 1000 trades in order to then calculate the strategy expectancy.

Our new blog

We've stared a new blog! Actually 2 new blogs. There's this one which you're reading now, as well as ICFfoundations.blogspot.ca. Of course we're still using our original blog: bentleybrewers.blogspot.ca. That will still be the go to place for beer related topics. This new blog will cover a wider range of topics mostly related to business but occasionally we'll throw in something from left field. So stay tuned. We're just getting started!